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The mission of Montessori Academy in the Oaks is to provide a positive environment promoting growth, achievement, exploration, and development.

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Each MAITO class operates on the principle of freedom within limits. Every program has its set of ground rules which differs from age to age, but is always based on the core Montessori beliefs – respect for self, for others, and for the environment.

MAITO’s programs, based on self-directed, non-competitive activities, help children develop good self-images and the confidence to face challenges and change with optimism

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Montessori Academy in the Oaks, Inc was incorporated as a not-for-profit school in January 1966. Since our establishment, we have followed the teaching methods of Dr. Maria Montessori to create a developmental learning environment that unlocks each child’s inner potential. Our nurturing educators work with your child on a daily basis to help them discover the world and their place in it at their own pace.

Our present location, a one-story brick facility on nearly three acres of wooded land, is located less than one mile from the 61st Avenue exit of Interstate Highway 65.

Montessori Academy In The Oaks is governed by a Board of Directors with daily operations implemented by an experienced staff. An active parents’ group supports us through its involvement in various school activities.

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Children flourish in a nurturing environment where an abundance of interesting age-appropriate materials help them to discover and understand the world around them. A pronounced joy of learning and self-confidence emerges when the needs of the child are fulfilled in successful learning experiences. Children strengthen both their individuality and their interactions with others as they learn and grow together. Academic progress is developed through practical and sensorial experiences. What is mastered by children’s hands will give greater meaning to abstract learning. Montessori Academy also encourages participation in cultural and musical programs as well as community celebrations and festivals.

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All classrooms have teachers who are certified and trained in Montessori methods and materials. Additional classroom personnel are given para-professional training in Montessori philosophy.

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